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Endorsements by Former Mayor, Community and Business Leaders

Endorsements by Former Mayor, Community and Business Leaders

Jon with Jesse endorsementThis afternoon we shared with the City of Fairfax on the Patch that Former Mayor John Mason, community and business leaders have endorsed me for a seat on the next City Council. When a group of people, including former City Council members, Gary Rasmussen and Allen Griffith, community leaders including, Dale Lestina, Mary Jo Rasmussen, Tom Ross, Hildie Carney, Ellen Brouwer and Penny Rood and business leaders including Jesse Travis (pictured with me on the left) and Craig Smith join with Mayor Mason show their support, it is a humbling experience. I take their support very seriously and I am honored to have their endorsement.

Below is a full posting of the information we shared with the Patch.

With the City Elections two weeks away, former Mayor John Mason, community and business leaders from across the City have announced their endorsement of Jon Stehle for City Council.  Mayor Mason noted with two open seats in the upcoming election, the City is at an important turning point.  “There are key strategic decisions that will be made over the next two years,” Mason said. “Jon should fill one of those seats.  He’s a pragmatic strategic thinker.  He understands where we need to go – ensuring a strong economic base while retaining a sense of community.  Jon will help the Council move forward.”

Ellen Brouwer, vice-chair, Board of Zoning Appeals echoed her support.  "I will vote for Jon Stehle for one of the two open seats on City Council. Jon's professional background will assist in critical decisions that will maintain City services while keeping our budget trim.  He has built a strong homeowners association on the western edge of the City -- we need a voice that has this perspective.  With a young family, he wants to protect the small city community we enjoy while ensuring a solid future in the region."

In addition, Allen Griffith, former City Council Member and School Board Member; Dale Lestina, President of the City of Fairfax Renaissance Housing Corporation; Gary Rasmussen, former City Council Member; Mary Jo Rasmussen, former member Commission on Aging; Hildie Carney, Member of Historic Fairfax Incorporated; Penelope "Penny" Rood, former School Board Member; Tom Ross, former Chairman of the Planning Commission; Jesse Travis, General Manger of the Meat House; and Craig Smith, Co-Owner Twins Ace Hardware have all announced their endorsement of Stehle for City Council.

 “I am very honored to have the support of these community and business leaders” shares Stehle, “I take their willingness to endorse me very seriously and will work to maintain the level of services that make our City great while focusing on smart development to ensure a strong economic base for the future.”

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