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Signature Gathering Weekend

Signature Gathering Weekend


Team Stehle gathering signaturesTeam Stehle was out in force this weekend knocking on doors across the City of Fairfax. We had a great time meeting the voters and talking about the future of the City.  I am very thankful to all our friends who took the time to introduce me to their neighbors.

One of my favorite responses when asking for a signature was “everyone deserves a chance to be on the ballot.” I could not help but be proud to live in (and hopefully represent) a city where residents are willing to give everyone a chance. I was especially touched by the following conversation. “Of course I will sign, and by the way could you use a drink of water or do you need to use the facilities?” While I was good on both accounts at that moment, the willingness of someone to open their home was profound.

I am very grateful to each person who took the time to sign a petition and share their thoughts on the City. I am looking forward to turning in the signatures as soon as the City Government opens again - thanks Winter Storm Titan!

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Patrick Washington - Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Jon is the type of leader, loving husband, and devoted father the City of Fairfax needs. The public will be quickly attracted to his practical approach to complex problems and ability to just get things done.

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