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Night Before Election 2014

Night Before Election 2014


Door Knocks and Talks 2014In just over 8 hours, the polls in the City of Fairfax will open and voters will begin choosing the next team of six for Council. Before the votes are cast tomorrow, I thought it would be useful to share some data regarding our campaign plan. As with many campaigns, we sent mailings to voters across the City, we did literature drops across the City and we held events across the City. One particular part of our efforts were the Neighborhood Walk Arounds. During these events, we would gather in a neighborhood and knock on voter doors sharing our message. Thanks to the great work of our team of volunteers, I am very pleased to announce that we reached over 2,700 voters through this effort!

It is now in the hands of the City of Fairfax Voters. I look forward to spending the day at the polls across the City and talking with those we met throughout the campaign.


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