Transportation funding streams are complex. Fortunately, thanks to great work by Wendy Sanford and the team at the City of Fairfax, there is a visual way to begin to get your arms around the options. Highlighted in a recent blog post on Emerging Local Government Leaders ( the City of Fairfax wheel of funding is now available to share beyond the 6.3 square miles of our great City.

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On Tuesday November 7, 2017 the voters across the City of Fairfax will be electing a City Treasurer and Commissioner of the Revenue. I am proud to be voting to re-elect both Tom Scibilia as City Treasurer and Paige Johnson as the Commissioner of the Revenue.

While both are running unopposed, these positions are critical to the success of our City. Tom and Paige bring a wealth of knowledge, professionalism and clear sense of service to these positions. They have shown year after year their willingness to leverage new technology and ideas to enhance the City while always making sure to focus on what is best for our community.

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On Tuesday September 12, voters across the City of Fairfax will choose one person to join the City Council in the seat left vacant following Mayor Meyer’s election in February, currently being temporarily filled by Dan Drummond. This is a unique election where voters will be looking to add one team member to this Council.

After careful consideration, I am excited to announce that I am supporting Jennifer Passey to be that addition.

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It's a Great Day for Hockey!

With the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs set to April 27, 2017,  I am very pleased to announce that I am joining fellow Councilmember Dan Drummond in the the Team Dan vs Team Jon Britepaths Challenge.

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Tonight, the community had the opportunity to hear from the three candidates for the next Mayor of the City of Fairfax. It was a standing room only crowd at the City Library and I would like to thank the League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area for hosting the event.

All three candidates responded to questions posed by the Fairfax City Citizens for Smarter Growth.

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Update: On November 4, City Staff posted responses to the comments made at the community outreach meeting. Thanks to all for the comments!

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It is a big day for the City of Fairfax – school is back in session. Zoe starts 2nd grade today at Providence. Changes are happening across the schools with new principals, new teachers and the opportunity of a new start – here’s to a great year!

The same is true for City Council. This evening, we will be back to work with Mayor Stombres leading our work session. The past few weeks have provided a chance for everyone, including me, to step back and decide how we as a City will begin to process what happened over the summer.

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I took the oath of office 42 days ago to serve on City Council. At noon today, August 11 2016, for the first time in decades, the City of Fairfax will be without a mayor. When the City Council convenes on Tuesday August 16 it will be a Councilmember (not a mayor or acting mayor) gaveling us to order. Without question, I did not envision the Council meeting under these circumstances. It is however, where we find ourselves as a community today. 

At our meeting on August 16, we will be discussing two items: (1) a date of a special election for the purpose of filling the position of Mayor and (2) the possible appointment of an interim mayor. During this meeting, there will be an opportunity for comments by the public. This is a chance for the residents of this City to share their concerns, frustrations, and ideas while the entire community listens.

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Thank you to everyone for your support! I am honored to be a member of our next City Council. Thank you for expanding our "tiospaye!"


With the City Elections set for this Tuesday May 3, I am pleased to share that Mayor Scott Silverthorne, School Board Chair Toby Sorensen, and City Treasurer Tom Scibilia have joined community and business leaders from across the City in announcing their support of me for City Council.  

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First Week of Kindergarten


Zoe First DaySteph and I knew the first day of school would be a big moment for our family. Zoe getting on the bus the first day (pictured to the left) and watching the bus drive off was a moment that I am not sure any parent is ever ready to experience. It brought a wave of emotions ranging from worry to excitement. I will give full credit to everyone involved with the City of Fairfax Schools, from our amazing Number 6 bus driver to every staff member at Providence, you all made the process seem effortless and it put me as a parent at ease. Thank you!

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

PRABI am very pleased to announce that on June 10, 2014 the City Council appointed me to a three year term on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

I am extremely excited to have joined the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board just as the City Council accepted the Strategic Master Plan for parks, recreation, trails, open space, events and cultural arts. As noted at the June 24th City Council Meeting by Michael McCarty, Director of Parks and Recreation, the acceptance of this plan was “the first approval of any strategic plan for parks and recreation in the history of the city.”

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2014 Garden Planted

Cooper and Zoe Garden

Mother's Day weekend and the first weekend after the campaign provided the perfect opportunity to start our second season at Kutner Park Community Garden. Zoe and Cooper enjoyed playing in the dirt and helping Steph and I plant everything from tomatoes to peppers. We also had the opportunity to meet our new garden plot neighbors. One of the best parts of having a community garden is meeting people from across the City in this shared space. We are looking forward to sharing many more hours with our neighbors tending to the garden and creating new friendships. I only hope that we can capture more moments like the one below where Zoe is looking very happy to be in the picture!

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1497 Votes - Solid Foundation for the Future

 Election Results 2014

Congratulations to the new City Council. I am very proud of our team's effort and approach. I take great pride in knowing that 1,497 voters across the City of Fairfax had the confidence in me to check my name at the ballot box. While this was short of the number needed to be on the next team of Council, it is very humbling and energizing to know we had a positive impact on the community.

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Night Before Election 2014


Door Knocks and Talks 2014In just over 8 hours, the polls in the City of Fairfax will open and voters will begin choosing the next team of six for Council. Before the votes are cast tomorrow, I thought it would be useful to share some data regarding our campaign plan. As with many campaigns, we sent mailings to voters across the City, we did literature drops across the City and we held events across the City. One particular part of our efforts were the Neighborhood Walk Arounds. During these events, we would gather in a neighborhood and knock on voter doors sharing our message. Thanks to the great work of our team of volunteers, I am very pleased to announce that we reached over 2,700 voters through this effort!

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Endorsements by Former Mayor, Community and Business Leaders

Jon with Jesse endorsementThis afternoon we shared with the City of Fairfax on the Patch that Former Mayor John Mason, community and business leaders have endorsed me for a seat on the next City Council. When a group of people, including former City Council members, Gary Rasmussen and Allen Griffith, community leaders including, Dale Lestina, Mary Jo Rasmussen, Tom Ross, Hildie Carney, Ellen Brouwer and Penny Rood and business leaders including Jesse Travis (pictured with me on the left) and Craig Smith join with Mayor Mason show their support, it is a humbling experience. I take their support very seriously and I am honored to have their endorsement.

Below is a full posting of the information we shared with the Patch.

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Door to Door

Door knockingCandidates for City Council often describe the “small town atmosphere” of the City of Fairfax. I can once again confirm that this atmosphere is alive and well across the City. We have been going door to door talking with neighbors about what the City is doing well and where it could be doing even better. I have appreciated the time voters across the City have given to our team. The fact that people are willing to give each of the candidates a chance to share his or her message is another example of why this is such a great place to live. A big thank you to the Jones family, James Carroll and Tom Ross for all the help talking with friends in Old Lee Hills and Country Club Hills.

Door Knocking

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Raise the Jolly Roger!!! It’s Opening Day!

Stehle's Pirates

It is officially the start of baseball season! Growing up in the Pittsburgh area, Steph and I were both raised as Pittsburgh Pirates fans. Today was a great day for Pirates baseball. Andrew McCutchen was awarded the MVP trophy, Clint Hurdle was awarded Manager of the Year and then the Buccos won in walk off fashion.

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Providence PTA Fun Fair

Steph, Zoe, CZoe and Jon with sponsorship signooper and I enjoyed spending Friday evening celebrating Zoe's Birthday by attending Providence Elementary School's PTA Fun Fair. It was a great way for Zoe to see her future school and for Steph and me to have a glimpse to what we will be entering into next year. Seeing the parents, teachers, students and community members all gathering together once again reminded us why we chose to start and raise our family in the City of Fairfax. On our way home, Zoe was still awe struck by the fact that she not only got to see the Mayor, but that she also met her future principle Mr. Kraft.  

Zoe and Cooper Duck GameSteph, Zoe, Cooper and Mayor Silverthorne

Seeing the City from a Sheriff’s Point of View


Jon Stehle with Master Deputy Sheriff ThomasThis past week, I had the opportunity to see the City of Fairfax from the point of view of the City and County of Fairfax Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department plays an important and unique role within our City. Seeing this first hand, from serving civil law processes to managing the Adult Detention Center, I was reminded how fortunate we are to have this top-rate force of men and women willing to serve. I would like to thank the Sheriff’s Department, in particular Master Deputy Thomas and Sergeant Wright for taking the time to allow me to ride along with them. For more on how the Sheriff’s Department works with the City, I would encourage you to view the City Council meeting on March 11, 2014, where Mayor Scott Silverthorne presented a City Flag to Fairfax County Sheriff Stacey Kincaid.